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Welcome to the Urban Cycling Community

The world is moving towards a place where "green" and "social responsible" is becoming the trend. The cycling community has been taking both seriously and at the same time, creating a culture of change, inclusion and diversity.

Product Development and business strategies from big companies has driven most of the cultural change; moving away from the performance-clothing-only business models to every-day-use items. The range of products has increased with measurable success even though the estimated urban community living and biking in the United States is just shy from 2%.

Cities across the nation are starting to get support from city and state legislators to promote a healthier and "greener" environment for families and daily cyclists who use non-motorized two wheel vehicles. Anywhere from bike paths, traffic signals uniquely design for heavy cycling cross-paths and programs that embrace the ever growing urban cycling community are available almost everywhere.

But, it's definitely not enough, considering that most Americans commute using a combustion engine vehicle. Alternative commute solutions are not readily available in most states and the cost of other means of transportation combined with infrastructure costs are driving most projects to a halt.

A bicycle in the other hand and considering the vast diversity of them (folding, cargo, recumbent, fixie, road, mountain, cyclecross, and the list continues with electrical versions, vintage, beach and commuter models and so on) can go for as low as a couple hundred dollars for a basic model and even less with something that may have a few hundred miles on it. Conversion kits exist for making a multi-speed bike become a fixie and also a commuter bike become an electric version of itself.

All sorts of different accessories exist for them as well, bags (also known as panniers), lights (front and rear), brakes, pedals, disc brakes, leather bags and holders, saddles, bottle cages and many, many more products.

The biggest and most current trend is coming in the shape of fashionable items. Caps, sweatshirts, socks, jackets, blazers, shirts, shorts, shoes, masks, sunglasses, gloves, scarves, backpacks, windbreakers, arm, neck and leg warmers are no longer items to be used only when going for a long ride during a beautiful weekend morning but have become essential items in the home-to-work commute process. This is why I'm creating this blog; to showcase trends, items, regulations and everything that has anything to do with commuting under an urban environment.

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